Bulgari B.ZERO1 necklace,  Bulgari Classic Elements

Dior | Classic elements: roses.

Dior | Classic elements: roses. The rose elements that Mr. Dior loved during his lifetime, and the Christian Dior fashion theme. Today, Mr. Dior’s inspiration from the perfection of clothing to the jewellery designer Victoire de Castellane, the most beautiful and noblest artistic temperament of France spread to the fullest. Bulgari Classic Elements: The Snake has been a fascinating pattern since ancient times. Bulgari’s Serpenti collection has been a fascinating and authentic brand since its inception in 1940. The symbol of snakes is intelligence, life and eternity.

It has been a permanent theme of jewelry design since the distant Greek era and one of the most important design elements in the history of Bvlgari Replica Bulgari B.ZERO1 necklace. Harry Winster | Classical elements: Lily. The classic design of Harry Winston’s Cluster began in the 1940s and was inspired by nature. Inspired by the classic lily pattern, the Lily Cluster collection adds even more brilliance to your dreamy Greek evening gown. Each brand has its own unique classic, they are the brand’s logo, so that people can think of the brand when they see it, this is the brand’s success.