Bulgari B.ZERO1 necklace

blessings of each other Replica Bulgari B.ZERO1 necklace.

She understands that only one person in this unique ring will risk his burns and print his finger on the hot ring. He is Saint-Puller! Since then, this fingerprint ring has always been inseparable from Julie. Whenever I miss Sanpule, Julie will take out the ring, touch the unique fingerprint on it, and feel the deep breath from the lovers. Many years later, Julie’s husband, General Valen, died in a war. Julie did not follow the family arrangement in the great grief, she was determined to find the true master of this ring, the lover who has been completely preserved in the heart.

Bulgari B.ZERO1 necklace.

Finally, in a jewelry store engraved with the ‘fingerprint ring – love because you are unique’ logo, Julie found the former lover Saint-Puller. It is said that this fingerprint ring was reappeared at the moment when the two lovers reunite 30 years later, and they bloomed… Later, the lovers did not separate from beginning to end. With the support of Julie, the culture of fingerprints and fingerprints with the belief that more lovers in the world have inscribed their promises. Along with this beautiful and legendary love story, the fingerprint diamond ring was sought after in the 18th century in France. Lovers carved their fingerprints on the ring and felt the true feelings and blessings of each other Replica Bulgari B.ZERO1 necklace.