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What jewelry is suitable for a 30-year-old woman?

What jewelry is suitable for a 30-year-old woman? The greatest characteristic of women of this age group is that the individual style has been basically stereotyped, and they should have their own unique characteristics, so that they will become more mature. A woman in her 30s is like a ripe strawberry, mature and attractive. As you mature, you have learned to abandon the evil ways of dressing. The most absorbing is your self-confident smile and attractive body. The best way to wear it is to fully play sexy. You can wear dazzling jewellery to set off your maturity and skill when you go to work, while the home wear is based on the feminine and sexy expression of women. The taboos that should be noted when wearing are blind preferences and accessories that are not suitable for their own style. The 30-year-old accessories you should wear are: expensive jewellery; high-end pearl accessories; large-scale jewelry; ethnic style jewelry; diamond jewelry; style is more traditional jewelry. The 30-year-old accessories you should not wear include: simulated jewellery, exaggerated artificial jewellery Replica Bulgari B.ZERO1 necklace, gold-plated silver jewellery, childish or naive jewellery; trendy fashion jewellery that is not suitable for your own style.